DSC_0565The purpose of HOBY’s Leadership for Service (L4S) program is to help students identify their role in the community and discover ways they can implement change. The L4S program has been enhanced in order to move Ambassadors past the volunteerism experience and into a service-learning experience, ultimately crafting Ambassadors into civically engaged members of their community.

As sophomores begin their experience with HOBY, most identify themselves as members of the community, and possibly have been involved in volunteer service. Our goal with HOBY is to push them into becoming conscientious citizens during the seminar, encouraging them to think critically about societal issues. The skills they learn at the seminar will further push them beyond simply thinking about the issues, and into the status of an active citizen where they are continually involved in the education and action process.

Logging Your Hours

The service hours you can record can be printed and used as an appendix for college, scholarship, and internship applications, and other opportunities where alumni are asked to demonstrate their lifelong commitment to service.

L4S Alumni Guide (PDF)

How to Register

Please send an email to L4S@hoby.org with the following information:
  • • Subject: L4S Log In
  • • Your full name
  • • The full name of your high school

Helpful Hints

Want to know more about keeping your personal information current, creating service projects or logging your service hours using the portal?

Instructions for the website (PDF)