Executive Committee
Chris Keegan
Matt Gilkeson
Jessica Thornton
Vice President
David Shelton
Marilyn Dyess
Immediate Past President
Board Members
Francesca Ferrara
Leadership Seminar Chair
Abby Bolton
CLeW Director
Ryan Mahoney
Alumni Advisor
Elli Perkins
Public Relations Chair
Dalton Cooper
Pablo Rivera
Nick CulwellJanine Stanley
Dave GivensTom Wagstaff
Holly LoveTaylor Wilson
Abby LynchBrian Yee
Carol OuttenSteven Yeung
Amanda Paez

The HOBY Virginia Board of Directors is comprised of up to 22 members made up of representatives of various businesses, cooperating organizations, and volunteers. Many of our board members are also HOBY alumni. The Board ensures the quality and quantity of programming by providing oversight to all activities conducted in Virginia under the HOBY name including fundraising, recruitment, public relations, seminar planning, alumni engagement, and corporate compliance. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure programs are planned, organized, and run according to the goals, policies, and guidelines of HOBY International’s Board of Trustees and adhering to our Affiliation Agreement with HOBY International.

The Board is charged with solving current and future challenges via a strategic plan that ensures ongoing growth, longevity, and the development of future leaders within the organization. Our leadership challenge is to work together sharing a common direction and purpose that ensures positive, ongoing progress.

Annual elections are held every June with Executive Committee positions every other June. For additional information on the HOBY Virginia Corporate Board, please contact the Corporate Board President at chris.keegan@vahoby.org.