HOBY alumni are those OUTSTANDING people who have participated in at least one HOBY program: the Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW), the Leadership Seminar, the World Leadership Congress (WLC), or an International Tour. Since our start, HOBY Virginia has reached over 8,500 sophomores from throughout the Commonwealth. Whether you attended a HOBY leadership program last spring or thirty years ago, you are part of the family of fellow HOBY alumni!

Top 5 Signs You Are Part of HOBY Alumni:
1. You always spell OUTSTANDING correctly.
2. You could wear a HOBY t-shirt every day for two weeks without doing laundry.
3. No matter where you go, you find other HOBY alumni and bond immediately.
4. Service is a way of life for you.
5. You are a leader!

Alumni Association

The HOBY Virginia Alumni Association shall seek to:
• Serve as the voice of HOBY Virginia Alumni
• Unite and promote alumni relations and connections
• Promote the mission of Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and spread its mission to alumni and potential alumni
• Coordinate reunion events and service projects for alumni and other
• Promote leadership development opportunities for alumni
• Strengthen and extend the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Alumni Association of Virginia.

Alumni Association Board

Ambassador Year: 2018 (VA & WLC)
My HOBY journey began in 2018, when I was an Ambassador to the Virginia State Seminar. While there, I had an amazing time expanding my leadership skills and making new friends. After attending this, I knew that I wanted to be involved in more HOBY. This led me to attend the World Leadership Congress (WLC) in 2018. There, I met (and still keep in contact with) many HOBY Ambassadors from almost every state and various countries around the world! During the 2019 VA State Seminar, I had the pleasure of serving as a Junior Staff member, leading the “Hey Burrito!” cheer. In the 2019-2022 Virginia State Seminars, I served as a co-facilitator as a Team Alumni member! I enjoy being able to help influence the leadership skills of high school sophomores and further the development of the Alumni Association. I wouldn’t trade my HOBY experience for the world and I am so excited to be serving as the Alumni Association President!


Ambassador Year: 2022
I started with HOBY in 2022 as an Ambassador to the Virginia State Seminar. There, I was able to learn more about what it means to truly be a leader, and how I can contribute to my community by giving back. Since then, my love of volunteering and helping others has grown. This devotion, combined with the inspiration and friendships I garnered while at the seminar, prompted me to look for ways to stay involved with the organization. I’m so excited to continue my time with HOBY as Secretary for Virginia’s Alumni Association Executive Board and to help bring others the same opportunities that HOBY gave me!

Ambassador Year: 2018
My HOBY experience began when I first attended the Virginia State seminar as an Ambassador in 2018. I fell in love with my experience with HOBY and I leaped at the opportunity to come back next year as a member of the Junior Staff in 2019. From there, I continue to be a part of every seminar following as a member of Team Alumni and other seminar opportunities. HOBY has made an incredible impact on my life and my relationship with leadership and community. I still maintain a lot of the connections I made in my early years of HOBY. I can’t wait to continue my work at HOBY VA and serve as the Treasurer of the Alumni Association!

Collegiate Chair
Ambassador Year: 2017
Hey HOBY! These past few years have been amazing with the awesome connections and life-long friendships I’ve made while working with HOBY. As a 2017 alum, I returned as a member of the Junior Staff in 2018 and as an apprentice to the Director of Junior Staff in 2019 as a part of Team Alumni. Each year, the seminar reminds me more and more why I keep coming back to such a powerful group of individuals who value service as much as I do. I love serving as the Collegiate Chair for the HOBY Virginia Alumni Association, and helping create a lasting bond with HOBY Virginia for Ambassadors in college!

Public Relations Lead
Ambassador Year: 2019

I began my HOBY journey in 2019 as an Ambassador. I immediately fell in love with the organization and couldn’t wait to come back and volunteer. I was on Junior Staff for two years and Team Alumni for one and am excited to now be the Public Relations Lead for the Virginia Alumni Association. I hope to help inspire Ambassadors so that they can have the same OUTSTANDING experience that I once had!

Reunion Coordinator
Ambassador Year: 2021 (PA-E & WLC)

My HOBY journey began in 2021 when I attended the Pennsylvania-East and WLC seminars. I can’t express how big of an impact HOBY and its OUTSTANDING people had on my life. I wanted to keep HOBY in my life, and have since volunteered as a Junior Staff member for a PA-East CLeW and the 2022 VA seminar. Now, as the Reunion Coordinator, I am so excited to bring together alumni from all generations of HOBY.

Alumni Advisor
Ryan Mahoney
Ambassador Year: 2012
I started my HOBY journey in 2012, and have continued to volunteer with HOBY since. Developing effective relationships with Alumni is crucial to the long-term success of a HOBY program, and my role is to guide the Alumni Association to coordinate reunions, HOBY alumni clubs, and civic service opportunities while facilitating leadership development.

Apply for the Alumni Association

Are you a high school or college-aged student, interested in joining the Alumni Association? Reach out to Alumni Advisor, Taylor Body, at taylor.body@vahoby.org for more information and ways to get involved with our board!