HOBY alumni are those OUTSTANDING people who have participated in at least one HOBY program: the Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW), the Leadership Seminar, the World Leadership Congress (WLC), the Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA) or an International Tour. Since our start, VA HOBY has reached over 8,500 sophomores from throughout the Commonwealth. Whether you attended a HOBY leadership program last spring or thirty years ago, you are part of the family of fellow HOBY alumni!

Top 5 Signs You Are Part of HOBY Alumni
1. You always spell OUTSTANDING correctly.
2. You could wear a HOBY t-shirt every day for two weeks without doing laundry.
3. No matter where you go, you find other HOBY alumni and bond immediately.
4. Service is a way of life for you.
5. You are a leader!

Alumni Association

The HOBY Virginia Alumni Association shall seek to:
• Serve as the voice of HOBY Virginia Alumni
• Unite and promote alumni relations and connections
• Promote the mission of Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and spread its mission to alumni and potential alumni
• Coordinate reunion events and service projects for alumni and other
• Promote leadership development opportunities for alumni
• Strengthen and extend the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Alumni Association of Virginia.

Alumni Association Board

Richard Vo
Ambassador Year: 2014
I started my HOBY journey as an ambassador in 2014 when getting nominated to represent my high school. I didn’t know what HOBY was other than a leadership conference. I was already involved in many clubs and organizations that I didn’t see how this seminar could be beneficial. HOBY Virginia has opened my eyes on further learning about myself and the leadership style I possess. I got to experience and develop an understanding on how to better use my style to better my community and involvements. In addition, I formed many life-long friendships and connections around the state with people that I ever thought I would befriend. My HOBY journey continued annually as a staff volunteer in Virginia, but I also expanded to other sites like Maryland and the United Kingdom. Now as the Alumni Association President, I can share my experience with the current ambassadors, and encourage them to stay active in their communities.

Joy Justice
Collegiate Vice President
Ambassador Year: 2016
While attending the HOBY Virginia conference in 2016, I was overwhelmed by the love and support I found in the HOBY community. HOBY gives you the opportunity to be your best self and grow in an environment filled with like-minded, motivated, and diverse current and future leaders. This led me to stay involved in HOBY as much as I could, which included being on staff at HOBY WV, attending HOBY events, and being on the alumni board in my home state. Now, I’m back in Virginia and extremely excited to cultivate more relationships with the fantastic people involved in HOBY!

Jackson Sirbaugh
High School Vice President
Ambassador Year: 2018
I started my HOBY Journey in 2018 as a sophomore who had no idea what the impact this seminar would have. The three days opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on the importance of leadership and service in my community, it gave me life-long friends, and it empowered me to stay involved with this life-changing organization. I can’t wait to continue to spread this OUTSTANDING message to new ambassadors by serving as the High School Vice President this year!

Anya Pfeiffer
Ambassador Year: 2015
After attending HOBY Virginia and HOBY WLC, I knew that I had to stay involved with HOBY. I returned to HOBY Virginia as a Junior Staff member in 2016, and sharing the magic of HOBY with the new ambassadors was almost better than experiencing it for the first time.  I hope to continue spreading the HOBY message and sharing the HOBY energy with as many people as possible.  I’m so excited to be serving as the Alumni Association’s High School Vice President this year and can’t wait to see where the year takes HOBY Virginia!

Johnny Membreno
Ambassador Year: 2013
HOBY Story: “The sophomore boy I was in high school had no idea HOBY was going to have such a huge impact in my life. Here I am, a few years later, as the Alumni Association Treasurer of one of the most important seminars in my life. Helping sophomores break their shells open and improving their leadership skills with a weekend full of fascinating activities are just two of the things I look forward to doing every single year. My network, since HOBY, has expanded tremendously. I’ve met people at UVA who attended HOBY in 2013 with me, and we just instantly became close friends because of that. I’ve also met HOBY alumni from Florida and various other states. It’s definitely something that brings people together, for more than just a weekend. HOBY is a lifestyle.”

Casey Barker
Public Relations Lead
Ambassador Year: 2016
When I was chosen to attend the HOBY VA seminar back in 2016, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. What I later found out was that that was going to be one of the most influential weekends of my life and that I wanted to be involved in whatever way I could. Because of HOBY, I’ve made some of my best friendships, learned so much more about what being a leader truly means, and also learned a lot more about myself. I’m so happy to have served with HOBY VA in so many different ways, and I can’t wait to see where this amazing organization takes me!

Kira Burba
Reunion Coordinator
Ambassador Year: 2014
I first attended HOBY as an ambassador in 2014.  Those three short days changed my outlook on service, gave me life long friends, and inspire me to make a difference in my community.  Since then I have been heavily involved with HOBY- attending WLC, ALA, and returning as a member of Junior Staff and Team Alumni. I am the reunion coordinator for the HOBY Alumni association.  The experiences and memories I have from HOBY will be something I’ll always treasure!

Ryan Mahoney
Alumni Advisor
Ambassador Year: 2012
I started with HOBY in 2012 and have gone back to volunteer as staff every year since. I was a very involved student in high school, but was not sure how to utilize my leaderships skills. HOBY gave me the skills and methods to exploit my leadership skills in my community. Being an effective leader is one of those traits that will follow you throughout your life. It is not one of those skills that slips away after high school. My role on the Alumni Association is to have these young adults continue their HOBY knowledge into their collegiate lives. The program will enhance leadership skills along with cheerful service, while reflecting on the ideals that Hugh O’Brian established.


Feel free to reach out to the Alumni Association president, Richard Vo, or the Alumni Advisor, Ryan Mahoney.